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Archive for February 2021

Five Cannabis Infused Drinks to Elevate your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we would like your day to be of the HIGHEST caliber. Whether you want to start at brunch, drink by an afternoon campfire, or warm up after being out in the snow, we have you covered. Below are five cannabis-infused drinks that will elevate your Day and leave you feeling great Monday morning.

Bloody Mary-Jane

  • 1-2 teaspoons of Demitri’s® All Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning
  • 6-8 oz. tomato juice
  • Ice
  • Salt Rim
  • Illuminations Lemon Mint or Lime Hard Candy
  • lime wedge
  • Pickled Garnishes


  • Warm Milk
  • Hershey’s syrup
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 420 Mini
  • Whipped Cream
  • V-Day Sprinkles

Twice-Spiced Apple Cider

  • 1 Packet Apple Cider Mix
  • 6oz hot water
  • 1 shot Cider Red Wagon Cider Drink
  • Cinnamon Stick
  • Orange Zest
  • Heart Shaped Apple Slice

Canna-talian Soda 

  • 2 Capfuls Cedar Creek Simple Syrup
  • 1 Can 7-up
  • Splash Raspberry Syrup (or flavor of choice)
  • 1/4 cup Half & Half
  • Whipped Cream
  • V-Day Sprinkles

Hot Buttered-Hash

  • HASH MIX – 1.5 Sticks of Butter, 1/2 Stick Canna-butter, 1 Cup of Confectioners Sugar, ½ Cup of Brown Sugar, ½ Cup of White Sugar, creamed
  • 2 Tbsp Hash Mix
  • 1 tsp of Vanilla
  • ½ tsp of Nutmeg
  • 2 Cups of Ice Cream, Softened
  • 6-8 oz Hot Water
  • Whipped CreamV-Day Sprinkles

Cannabis-Infused Valentine’s Day Soft Candies

Our Cannabis-infused soft candies are as much fun to make as they are to eat. With just four ingredients, it’s perfect for a date-night in the kitchen and makes plenty to give away to friends and loved ones for a holiday.


  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 (8 oz pkg) cream cheese
  • 4-5 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp lemon extract
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Food Coloring (optional)

In a large saucepan melt butter and soften cream cheese. Whisk together to combine.

Remove from heat and slowly stir-in powdered sugar until dough is no longer sticky and can be molded.

Divide dough into 3-4 groups and add desired food coloring. Place one color between 2 sheets of wax paper and roll out.

Sprinkle both sides of dough with sugar to coat. Brush off excess sugar.

Cut out desired shapes with cookie cutter. Set aside to set (about 2 hours) or place in refrigerator to set faster. Store leftovers in refrigerator. Enjoy!

Cannabis City New Location Update

Cannabis City’s new location and Cannabis Cultural Center is well underway, and we are excited for everything 2021 is going to bring. It’s been a rough ride through construction with COVID, but it is all finally coming together. Check out the pictures below of our new space; and stay tuned for more updates and the announcement of the grand opening.

10 Ways to Treat Yourself with Cannabis and Put Yourself First in 2021

It’s no secret 2020 wasn’t the best of all years. That’s why Cannabis City is making 2021 the year of YOU! We think everyone could use a little stress relief, calmness, and relaxation after the past 365 days. Luckily for us, we live in the Pacific Northwest, which is full of activities to elevate the mind, body, and spirit, even in the winter. Below are some great things you can do that pair up amazingly with cannabis so you can do a little something for yourself and make 2021 the year of YOU!


We are fortunate in the Pacific Northwest to be surrounded by an abundance of hiking trails. Whether you want to head to Mt. Rainier or just a quick run around Green Lake, the options are endless. Just remember, Mary can dehydrate you, so bring extra H2O. Need a little help finding the right spot for you? Start Here –

Shoot for the Shores

The beach is just a hop away in the Northwest, making it an excellent place for a classic stay-cation. You can head to the shores of Chelan or out to Westport and Ocean Shores for a quick weekend getaway. And with tons of Air B&B options at all locations, you can feel good about giving back to the local community and supporting small businesses.

Baked Baking

Food and cannabis go hand-in-hand. Why wouldn’t they? After all, cannabis is an herb! You can try it in a recipe or just use it for inspiration. Either way, let’s eat!


There’s nothing more relaxing than staring out at the calm waters waiting for a fish. So naturally, it lends well to cannabis. Remember, though, fishing isn’t available year-round, and you need a license. You can learn more here –


Yoga is a great way to relax your mind, body, and spirit and leave you feeling refreshed and taken care of. Try finishing off your routine with a little cannabis, or indulge along the way. You’ll thank yourself.

Head for the Hills

Beautiful mountains surround the northwest. And winter is a great time to explore them. Take a day trip up and come home to some hot cocoa and a movie. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Camping is a great way to get away and unplug. You can camp in a tent or rent a trailer or motorhome like an Air B&B. With so many gorgeous sites around the Pacific Northwest, the most challenging part will be deciding on a spot.


Who doesn’t like a little cannabis with their video games? It’s a great way to get lost in a story or solve a mystery. Invite a couple of friends, and you have an instant good time. And with wireless remotes, you can still stay safe and six feet apart.

Canna get a spa day?

Skip the high-prices of going to a fancy spa and have a high-spa day at home. There are tons of fantastic cannabis wellness products that can help you set up the perfect relaxation-station at home. From bath bombs to lotions to tinctures to chocolates, it will have you in a moment of zen in no time.

Cannabis Meditation

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and gain a new perspective. And after 2020, I think we all could use a little more. Add a little cannabis to the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for relaxation.

Trichome Tribune – Treat-Yo-Self with Cannabis in 2021

Volume 3 | Issue 1 | 01-25-21
2020 is finally behind us, and we think 2021 should be the year to put yourself first. This newsletter will help you do just that. We will start with a recipe for an easy healthy cannabis-infused roasted salmon and vegetable feast filled with tons of amazing colors, flavors, and cannabinoids. Then we will share some of our favorite products so you can treat-yo-self at home and away. We will finish with ten cannabis-loving activities you can do around the Pacific Northwest that will elevate your spirit and leave you feeling great! 


Our healthy cannabis-infused roasted fish and veggie sheet pan dinner is packed with tons of colors, flavors, nutrients, and cannabinoids and is sure to satisfy your belly and your soul. It’s also simple to make and easily customizable, so you can be sure to please everyone you bring to the table without adding any additional stress to yourself. View full recipe HERE.



Cedar Creeks Simple Syrup has a mixture of Delta 8 and 9 and can be mixed with something warm or cold or drink it straight. Add it to your coffee for the perfect Sunday wake-and-bake.

Delta 8 500mg / Delta 9 100mg THC 200ml Simple Syrup


This 1:1:1 ratio tincture has equal THC, CBG, and CBD, giving it the cannabis trifecta. It’s perfect for helping you wind down and relax or take it just before bed for an ideal night’s rest. 

1:1:1 CBD Ratio 100mg Tincture


This Dragon Balm has a 1:1 ratio and is infused with menthol, camphor, and mint to help soothe deep into the tissue. 

2 oz – 1:1 ratio Dragon Balm
Ancient Ointment


These smores take “treat-yo-self” to a whole new level. With classic smore’s flavor in every bite, these are sure to bring you back to your childhood and leave you feeling like a kid again. 

Gimme Sa More!
s’mores 10pk 100mgs

Rochester Farms

 Rochester Farms Cannabis Tablets are simple, discrete, and effective. Pop one in at home or easily take with you on the go so you can treat yourself no matter where you are. 

Cannabis Tablets
CBD 2:1 100mg 10 pk



It’s no secret 2020 wasn’t the best of all years. That’s why Cannabis City is making 2021 the year of YOU! We think everyone could use a little stress relief, calmness, and relaxation after the past 365 days. Luckily for us, we live in the Pacific Northwest, which is full of activities to elevate the mind, body, and spirit, even in the winter. Click the link below for some great things you can do in the Pacific Northwest that pair up amazingly with cannabis so you can do a little something for yourself and make 2021 the year of YOU! Read More

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