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Trichome Tribune – 420 Events & Cooking with Kief

Volume 1 | Issue 2 | 04-16-2019

Vendor of the Month

Empyreal Cannabis is a tier 3 producer/processor based out of the Nalley Valley in Tacoma, WA. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and are happy to offer it at a price point that makes it widely available for all types of consumers. Our unique vertical grow model has proven successful and sustainable, as we grow our plants out of rockwool cubes that we stack 8 rows high. Being based out of Tacoma, it was natural for us to come up with our brand, Narrows Cannabis, and quite frankly, who doesn’t like mermaids? Make sure to follow our Instagram account @empyrealcannabis for updates and a behind-the-scenes look of our farm. We are so excited to continue growing with you all!  

We are the place to be on 420!

Mark your calendars for our upcoming 4/20 event! We will be having 4 days of 20 deals from April 18-21. We will feature deals in every product category to suit every single customer who comes to celebrate 4/20 with us! On Saturday the 20th, there will be many vendors set up with freebies to hand out as well as FREE RAFFLE BASKETS and more at Cannabis City Glass and Gear (check it out next door if you haven’t yet) – stay tuned for more details!

Cooking with Kief –
Cannabis Infused Butter

Kief is a great choice when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Though kief, the shiny and unprocessed yet still very cannabinoid concentrated resin glands off of the actual buds, still contains terpenes, it does not impart quite the punch of cannabis flavor to food that extracting a fresh bud will. It is also much more quickly prepared for cooking. To prep any type of cannabis for cooking, it must go through decarboxylation, or decarbing. That’s a long word that means we apply heat for a set amount of time in order to activate the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC. Kief is a 10 minute prep time, it melts readily into fats and requires no straining of plant material. Click HERE to view our recipe for easy at home Kief Butter

Ma Po Tofu

This month we have decided to share one of our favorite dishes, Ma Po Tofu. It has just enough spice to create a kick without overpowering, and is perfect with the addition of our Kief butter.

I can already hear people worried about the heat/spice levels in my head, but I assure you, with this type of food, adventure is key. Our recipe is already adjusted by half! What may initially feel like an assault on your tastebuds becomes a symphony after a few bites to temper the waters. It would really be a tragedy to not experience the wonder and glory that is MaPo Tofu covered in cilantro and scallions or garlic greens.

The Future is Now with Online Ordering.

Have you checked out our online ordering? Not only can you skip the lines, but we also have online only deals. Preorder online from our website