Dr. Lathrop

Dr. Lathrop

James Lathrop, DNP Come visit Seattle’s original pot shop the best pot, marijuana & cannabis flowers in the city.

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Dr. James R. Lathrop is a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Entrepreneur, and US Army Veteran of Foreign War (Desert Shield / Desert Storm). James R. Lathrop, DNP ARNP opened Seattle’s first legal recreational cannabis shop on July 08, 2014, gaining worldwide media attention for Cannabis City in Seattle. Professionally he has been a nurse practitioner for over 20 years, and was the owner and clinical director of Advanced Holistic Health. Known as the Ahh! Clinic the practice specialized in cannabis therapeutics for more than 5 years. Dr. Lathrop currently is attending a PhD program at the University of Washington with a research focus on cannabis therapeutics.

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Q&A from the Community:

Q: Hi Dr. James, I’ve been trying for a while now to help my wife relax and so I started by having her try THC drops. After a few times, a dose that would make me a window licker for a few hours seems to have no effect on her. Any suggestions?


A: Hi W.L., It is interesting that some people don’t really respond to edibles. One thing to try then would be a hard candy (try to find one with both THC and CBD, we have some like that in my shop, Cannabis City in Seattle). The reason why this works differently, is that when you eat an edible it needs to be processed by the liver, and some people have different enzymes in how things get metabolized.

Conversely when you inhale (eg. smoke it), it goes directly into the blood stream through the highly vascular lung tissue. Similarly, when you suck on a hard candy the cannabinoids (THC and CBD) are absorbed through the mucosal tissue in the cheek — again bypassing the digestion. So, give that a try. She should feel an onset in about 15 minutes (it will be mild), and again, for the anxiety, make sure there is CBD in it.

Dr. James.

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