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Archive for How To’s

How to Make a Pumpkin and Squash Pipe

Who doesn’t like a Pumpkin Spice bong rip? At Cannabis City, we decided to test our pipe making skills with festive fall squashes. You can use any squash you like; we chose a Pumpkin and Delicata squash for ours.


  • Squash or Squashes of your choice. We chose Pumpkin and Delicata Squash
  • Drill with assorted drill bits
  • Simple Pumpkin Carving Kit
  • 1 Glass stem
  • 1 Glass Bowl

If using a long thin squash, like the Delicata, start by drilling through the end of the squash as far in as you can. We used a medium-sized drill bit to assure excellent airflow.

Next using a drill bit slightly smaller in diameter from your bowl piece, drill from the top when the squash is lying down at a sight angle away from the end with the hole (be sure to start at the length of the drill bit used to created the long tunnel so that you will drill into the other drill hole.)

Once you are confident, your tunnels match up, put bowl piece into the top hole. Load up and enjoy! We found this squash to work well and was completely air-tight.

For our pumpkin, we chose a sugar pie pumpkin as it is a great size to hold and will not require as much inhaling to use as a larger one. We started by removing the top using basic carving tools.

We then emptied out the inside as if we were going to do a regular pumpkin carving.

Next, using a bit a little smaller in diameter than our stem piece, we drilled at a downward angle about 1/3 down from the top of the pumpkin. We then put the stem piece into this hole.

Directly across from that hole, we drilled a smaller hole at a similar angle downward and put our bowl piece inside. Place the top back on pumpkin.

We found this pipe to be functional but not quite as airtight as the Delicata squash. But we LOVE the look! Perhaps next time we will try it without removing the top and just drilling into the center. Let us know how your festive fall pipes come out!

How to Safely Store Your Stash

If you’ve been smoking marijuana for awhile, you’ve probably heard advice on how to properly store your flower. Some say sticking it away in the freezer is best, while others claim that it really doesn’t matter. If you don’t use cannabis every day or you prefer to buy in bulk, you’ll want to make sure to store it safely.

Much like fine wine, cannabis ages well in a cool, dark place. Mold and mildew on your plants will thrive in temperatures between 77 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and they also love humidity. Excessive heat exposure will cause the cannabinoids and terpenes that have taken months to develop to dry out.

Two other factors to consider are light and air. Harmful UV rays break down many organic and synthetic materials, and they will degrade your cannabis products over time. And while cannabis needs plenty of oxygen to grow, too much air will speed up the degradation process once it’s being stored. But if it gets no air at all, the relative humidity will be affected.

The ideal way to keep your flower properly stored is in a glass jar or similar container, stashed in a cool, dry place away from the sunlight. Also, keep your strains separate if possible to maintain their individual flavor profiles. And don’t worry about putting it in the freezer — those freezing temperatures can cause the little trichomes to become brittle and break off.

Picking the perfect vaporizer in 2018

Have you been looking at buying a vaporizer recently? It could be due to the health benefits over smoking, or maybe you’re looking for the unique flavor that comes with vaporizing.

No matter what your reason is—you’re making the right choice. Vaporizing cannabis provides a unique flavor and a different high than smoking. It’s a fantastic alternative to smoking and many also allow you to easily consume concentrates (wax, oil).

That being said, picking the right vaporizer can be downright difficult.

If you’ve shopped around for a vaporizer recently you know the selection can be overwhelming. There are over 100 brands of vaporizers available for sale right now in 2018: Arizer, Davinci, Goboof, Firefly, Pax, Vapir, Volcano… and that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

You have more choices picking a vaporizer than you do a car or a cell phone!

Don’t get stressed out though. Our friends at VaporizersDirect have created a workflow to help you pick the perfect one. They’ve tested hundreds of vaporizers and have rounded up the best ones for you.

Just start at the top of the flowchart and answer some questions on the way down. When you reach the bottom you’ll land on the perfect vaporizer.

There’s just one thing to keep in mind before you get started: not all of these vaporizers can handle concentrates. All of them can handle herb so don’t worry about that. If you want to vape concentrates make sure you pick one that can.

Now good luck and happy vaping 🙂

Cannabis City Picking the perfect vaporizer in 2018