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Halloween Costumes that are High-Larious!

Halloween is known for sexy nurses, sexy vampires, sexy witches, so what about possibly being… a sexy bag of weed? Check out a few of our favorite cannabis-inspired costumes below.

Rasta Impasta Weed Leaf

Image from Amazon.com

Blunt Master Costume

Image from Amazon.com


Image from Amazon.com

Weed Doctor

Image from Amazon.com

Bag of Weed

Image from halloweenexpress.com

Blue Dream

Image from halloweenexpress.com

Weed Baker

Image from halloweenexpress.com

Weed Nurse

Image from ledchristmaslighting.com

THC High Cheerleader

Image from dollskill.com

Cannabis High Fairy

Image from wondercostumes.com

Pictures Supplied by: Amazon, Ledchristmaslighting, DollsKill, Wondercostumes and HalloweenExpress