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Trichome Tribune – Vaping safer, and how to get a FREE Garden Tour at Dawgstar Cannabis!

Volume 1 | Issue 11 | 09-22-2019


Join us Tuesday, September 24th for a FREE TOUR of Seattle’s first licensed and permitted grow facility, Dawg Star Cannabis! The Canna-Bus takes off from Cannabis City to Dawg Star at 11 am, where you will have the opportunity to see live plants in action. This tour is a $99 value absolutely FREE! All must sign up in person at Cannabis City. *A $20 refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot and will be returned to you upon arrival for the tour. Those who cancel at least 24 hours in advance will also receive a refund.


Recently there has been a lot of coverage in the media about the safety of vaping and vape related illnesses. While most cases are being linked to E-cigarettes, there have been some cases where THC vape oils were involved. Many of these oils are black market products and didn’t go through any testing like the oils you get in stores. Our founder and CEO Dr. James Lathrop recently had the opportunity to chat with KOMO news on this issue. In the article, Lathrop mentions he vets his vendors to make sure there are no contaminants in his cannabis oil. “We really focus on oil vendors who grow their own cannabis or if they’re not growing their own cannabis they test their own cannabis before processing and after processing to make sure it’s a clean product.”



Double Delicious takes great pride in producing a clean and safe product. We comply with all Washington State I-502 testing requirements. We do not use Vitamin E Acetate in our vape products.


“We hold a strict guideline that all the oil Harmony Farms products is tested and free of pesticides and harmful compounds. Going a step further, Harmony Farms has specifically chosen to use wuperior quality cartridges to assure our products have a superior flavor, are of the highest quality, and produce the safest and best experience for the customer. We have never used Vitamin E Acetate or any type of filler in our cartridges.”


“At Hellavated we use only 100% cannabis derived distillate, isolated terpenes, terpene blends and flavorings for consistent and repeatable flavor and experience. We do not use PG, PEG. VG or any other cutting agents. Some of the flavoring bases do contain a very small % of MCT as a base for the flavorings”


“Your Ionic products have been analyzed for Tocopheryl acetate, commonly referred to as Vitamin E acetate. Of the 21 samples analyzed no Tocopheryl acetate was detected in any of the samples. The samples were analyzed using the method outlined in United States Pharmacopeia, USP37 NF32.”


“All Optimum Extract formulations contain 100% cannabis oil, 100% cannabis derived terpenes, ans well as 100% natural fruit derived terpenes. At no point in our formulation do we use cutting agents like Vitamin E acetate in our cannabis extracts. We continue to innovate and improve our products daily.”


“We don’t use cutting agents or any other fillers including Vitamin E Acetate. And never will. Avitas products go through several rounds of quality control before it reaches our customers’ hands. We test each batch of flower and oil through state approved and accredited laboratories to exceed state guidelines. We
ensure purity in all materials used during the production process. And we check the quality of each batch to test clarity, purity, and taste before it ships.”


“Due to recent industry concerns regarding vape safety Sticky Budz has chosen to be transparent with our vape product ingredients. Sticky Budz vape cartridges contain only the following ingredients:
– High purity pesticide free THC distillate
– Plant derived food grade terpenes
– Kosher 100% Organic Purified Coconut Oil”

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